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How do we do it?

Clique8 is designed to provide business owners with a dedicated team of experts.
Hiring a Virtual Assistant is like hiring a team of VAs.

The Hunting Starts

Hunting Ground

How much have you been paying for publishing your job ads online? “Time is Gold.” Without spending anything, Clique8 will spread your job ads using the power of social media and trusted job boards. Your job ads will reach hundreds of applicants in less than 12 hours.

Hunting Ground
The Screening


Your business is important to us. That’s why we make sure that all applications we provide are screened. Our dedicated headhunters will interview and qualify all candidates to ensure that only three percent will pass for the final screening.

After Screening

Clique8 will present the top 3 qualified applicants to be interviewed by you.

Human Resource


You have more than ten remote employees, and they are in different locations. How much time do you spend converting rates and paying individually? What if you had someone do these for you at no cost? Clique8 will handle the payroll for you. Time is essential; that’s why we make sure that you spend more time with more important things.

Payroll 2
Endless Support
Long Term Partnership

Endless Support

As a business owner, you need support. A kind of support that stays active until the end of the day. Your employee is also monitored during their employment. We do not leave anyone with works undone.

At this point, you have not spent a cent yet.

Who can you hire?

Whether you need someone to develop and design, manage or maintain your websites, We can provide you with the experts. Suppose you need someone to answer calls, record and transcribe meetings, post creative social media content, or follow up on leads. In that case, Clique8 experts can immensely simplify your life and increase your company’s productivity. By offloading administrative tasks, you can focus on accelerating your business’s growth without the costs associated with hiring someone locally. While it is very affordable, we offer highly competitive compensation to our candidates. We ensure that we attract the most qualified talents.

We pre-screen and endorse all shortlisted candidates for your consideration. Our reputation for placing talents with quality offshore companies helps us attract the highest quality resumes filled with relevant experience and skills. Our dedicated recruitment team enables you to find the best team, but offer management tools to ensure productivity and communication and take care of all payroll and HR matters so that you and your employee can focus on getting the job done.

Our clients report increased sales, better service levels for their customers, and more time at the end of the day to spend with family and friends. We frequently hear how well our agents communicate, how dedicated they are to completing all responsibilities on time, and how critical they have become to their success. Our staff in the Philippines report feeling appreciated, increasing their earnings potential, and empowered to participate in an international firm’s success. It is a win-win! We are serious in connecting your businesses to our dedicated remote experts to boost productivity and revenue.


5 Stars Based on 100+ Client Reviews

Christopher S.
Founder | Soft Court Co.
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When they say boost the revenue, they mean it. Everyone is serious about it. I have never expected my Clique8 team to be as serious as I am in terms of setting and reaching our business goals. More power!
Bethany G.
Digital Marketing Manager | ASCON
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Clique8's recruitment team is as friendly as expected. Not to mention that everyone works fast. I was able to hire my assistant in less than 24 hours and she's the best.
Leah O.
CEO | Pulp Beauty
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My client relations officer has been very helpful and she's extending her support. The company goes beyond expectations. I am proud to be one of your partners. Hiring has never been so easy with Clique8.

Your Team of EXPERTS

Open positions? Fill within 24 hours.

The Hunting Ground

How much have you been paying for publishing your job ads online?


Your business is important to us. We make sure that all applications are screened.


You have more than ten remote employees, and they are in different locations.

Endless Support

You need support. A kind of support that stays active until the end of the day.

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