7 Social Media Strategies for 2020

Stay up to date with social media strategies as they evolve, that we have provided seven strategies below to help grow your brand in the year 2020.
Social Media Strategies for

As anyone who’s been around the social media sphere for a long time will tell you, change is constant, and maybe even more rapid and frequent on social media than in most places.
Algorithms change. New features emerge. User interfaces evolve. And so do the underlying codes that power them.
Many brands and individuals have managed to find success through social media, only to see it slip through their fingers, thanks to changes in algorithms that they don’t seem to understand.
This is why, to run a successful, lasting social media campaign, you have to keep adapting. Some strategies that used to work really well in 2019 are already deemed outdated at the time this article was written, while some are still as effective as ever.
One thing’s for sure, though: you won’t know which is which if you don’t keep yourself informed.
And it is towards this end, ladies and gentlemen, of helping you stay up to date with social media strategies as they evolve, that we have provided seven strategies below to help grow your brand in the year 2020.

7 Social Media Strategies for 2020

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers you the opportunity to get through to your audience in real-time. Why is this so important and particularly exciting for brands and marketers?
Well, because there’s nothing like the opportunity to personally connect with a large number of your fans, customers, and followers all at once.
With Live, you get to reach out in an almost personal way. When done right, your time on Facebook Live should appear to each follower as though you were having a personal, albeit pretty one-sided, FaceTime session.
But of course, as with most social features, to enjoy the benefits that come will go Live, it has to be done right. And doing it right requires not only having important content to share, and proper planning and execution, but also following some simple tips and guidelines like setting a structured flow, and being consistent with it.
And then, of course, there’s the most important part: interaction. Facebook Live offers your audience the ability to comment, so the activity isn’t really as one-sided as it seems. Because of this interactivity, expect your Facebook Live Videos to get much more comments as compared to regular videos.
It is up to you and your business to harness this power and use it as fully as possible.

2. Humanize Your Brand

What do we trust more as humans? An obscure corporation without any relatable face to it? Or a personal brand with a definite face behind it?
The answer, of course, is clear enough. It’s the latter. Putting a face behind your brand makes it a whole lot more accessible, and, consequently, more trustworthy.
The importance of trust in building a brand can never be overestimated. Consumers want to patronize brands that they trust. And you need to show them that your brand is one.
Admittedly, there are a whole lot of reasons you might not want to put a face behind your brand, but to a consumer, this may only mean one thing: you have something to hide.
By humanizing your brand, you burn the bridge of anonymity, and in turn, become more transparent and trustworthy.

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a powerful way to reach out to targeted audiences with an already-established interest in what you have to offer. Whether you choose to start your own group from scratch or decide to join an existing one, you’re practically giving yourself access to a goldmine of data and information.
Also, with Facebook groups, you get to gain more than just an audience for direct marketing. No, along with this you also get to understand what your audience wants. What their greatest challenge is that needs solving, and a whole lot more information that can prove highly valuable in the long run.

4. Paid Advertisements

A common misconception about paid advertisements is that it is an exclusive substitute for organic engagements. That you can’t have both functioning at their peak concurrently.
Well, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Paid Ads can serve lots of purposes in conjunction with your organic reach.
For instance, you may simply try out paid ads for the analytics.
Performing split tests with your ads give you the opportunity to figure out not only what your audience really likes, but exactly how they like it. And with the latest remarketing ads, you get the opportunity to retarget your customers for higher retention.
To increase your brand’s retention on paid media, you can also consider adding an animated logo intro for all your video assets.

5. Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing was all the rage – in 2019. Not so much in 2020. In 2020, it’s all about micro-influencer marketing. Why? Because it’s more real and more authentic, that’s why.
How could that be, you ask? Well, the reason is quite simple. Would you rather reach out to a huge group of people without being certain to reach the right ones among them, or follow a smaller but more laser-targeted demographic?
Of course, you’d do the latter.
With influencer marketing you’re pretty much shooting into a large field hoping to hit the right targets, with micro-influencer marketing, however, you have a much lesser field, but with a higher guarantee of hitting your target.
And in terms of authenticity, you’d be reaching out to micro-influencers who really care about your brand. For instance, eighty-four percent of micro-influencers in a survey were found to recommend products or services at least once every week, and 99 percent of them claimed to believe in what they promote.
And trust me, the audience notices these things.

6. Get On The Tik Tok Bandwagon

Yes, TikTok, the unexpected platform that sprung out of nowhere and took the world by storm. So far, TikTok is the sixth-largest social media platform in the world with more than 800 million active users every month.
What’s even more impressive than where it is at the moment, though, is how fast it grew and how rapidly it got there. Now it’s the most downloaded app of 2020 and doesn’t seem like slowing down any time soon.
All of these facts, of course, points to a simple conclusion: you really should consider exploring the platform and getting your brand on there as fast as possible.

7. Use Native Content

Finally, we conclude with one of the points that we started with: brand success boils down to relatability and trust.
You want your audience to connect with you on a basic level. This is why employing a native and really personalized content strategy, such as taking videos from your iPhone, selfie videos, improvised content, can all get you a better reach than going on all out on highbrow, professionally-done videos.

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