Fifteen Proven Ways to Boost your Productivity

Do you know what Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have in common? Both have 24 hours a day, and so are you! It all depends on how you spend it. We’ve listed fifteen proven ways to boost your productivity and help you get most of your time.

We all have our own goals, and most of the time, we’re having so much trouble reaching our targets. Do you know what Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have in common? Both have 24 hours a day, and so are you! It all depends on how you spend it. We’ve listed fifteen proven ways to boost your productivity and help you get most of your time.

Write it all down.

Start by writing a to-do list of your day-to-day tasks. Seeing your tasks on a sheet of paper or your notepad will give you a more comprehensive view of what you can accomplish at the end of the day. Make sure to organize your to-do list, so it doesn’t look scattered. You can do this by putting the harders tasks first until you get to the easy ones. It is also essential that you focus on each of the things you list. You’ll get that sense of accomplishment every time you see a checkmark on each of the tasks your finish.

Cut it down.

Writing a very long to-do list is overwhelming, not to mention that it’s kind of frustrating when you skip some of the tasks. Try to make a deadline for each of the things you list down and make sure to put only the important ones. To cut it down more, you can list the hardest and most prolonged tasks for day one and the easiest on the second day.

Do not multi-task.

Multi-tasking is a productivity killer. It has been proven that doing this will lower your IQ and will give your 40% more work. As much as possible, make sure to focus on one task at a time. Put your 100% focus on one job and complete that before jumping over to another. This way, you are not only following your to-do task correctly, but you’re also cutting 40% more work.

Minimize the distraction.

When was the last time you try not to check your phone every 20 minutes? Checking your phone so often will lead you to lose your focus. Try to turn off your notifications or maybe, you can turn on your phone’s “Do not disturb” mode. I reached out to my friends and family and told them that I work at this particular time, so unless it’s an emergency, I would not be able to answer any of their calls or messages. Checking your social accounts every hour is also one massive cause of distraction. Better close those tabs and focus on your work.

Keep it organized.

Workplace organization plays a huge role in terms of productivity. Sometimes, we tend to waste our time looking for something we misplaced. It doesn’t matter how expensive or luxurious the things you use on your desk. If you can’t find them, it’s useless. Try to make sure that your tools or gadgets are kept and organized. Not only on your desk, but it goes the same with the programs, apps, files, folders, and websites you visit each day. Bookmarking will also help you organize your tasks.

Track your time.

Tracking your time will help you work faster and smarter. Put a deadline on your lists. Make sure that you complete your tasks before you hit the period. It won’t hurt you much when you know that you’re almost out of time, but at least you know that you’re almost done. If you finish a task earlier that the deadline, I guess it’s not wrong to look at Facebook or Instagram.

Embrace new technology.

Don’t be afraid to try new apps or services offered by startups like Clique8. Working hard is no longer the word to use. Working smart is what you need. There are thousands of apps, software, and websites that offer new technology. It often makes your job easier and faster. Try to read some of their reviews or videos about their products or services. Most of the time, people will give feedback if it helped them with their work.

An example would be Canva. Canva can help you create images and documents for your social posts or advertisements. You can use Canva without the knowledge if using Photoshop or other image editors. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

Set long term goals.

Setting your goals might already be so easy for you at this point, but setting up smart and long term goals will give you more insights. Giving yourself a list of goals that you need to reach every end of the week or month will provide you with a better view of what you can and will accomplish at the end of the year. A goal that may give you something that you can ride on like a car maybe.

Choose your friends wisely.

Surround yourself with friends that have the same goal as yours. Putting yourself in a community where you all have the same targets in life will help you boost your productivity. It is beneficial when you have people around you with the same mindset whom you can ask for support or can answer your questions as you’re all in the same boat.

Learn by yourself.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than accomplishing a particular task by starting without knowing anything about it and completing it by learning by yourself. Sometimes, we love to brag about our accomplishments, and the best ones are the ones we did without the help of someone else.

Develop the habit of saying no.

Saying no to someone is hard to do, especially when that someone is close to you. Saying yes to everything that is being asked will lead you to lose your focus and will waste your time. In connection to our fourth list, “Minimize the distraction,” you have to learn how to say no. No, I can’t do it this time. No, I’m focused on my work. No, I can do that after I complete my tasks. These are just some statements that you can use to prevent distraction and practice saying no.

Be proactive, not reactive.

This one is pretty straight forward and sums up everything we covered so far. Don’t let incoming emails and phone calls dictate your day. Create a plan ahead and try sticking to it. Get involved in your schedule. Don’t let others to it for you.

No to endless meetings.

Meetings are the black hole of productivity because they take up a lot of time and, more often than not, don’t come to any conclusion. Avoid meetings that aren’t mandatory at all costs. Propose a different way to do it like an instant messaging group where everyone can answer during free time.

Take care of yourself.

Productivity isn’t just about making your to-do list and completing what is written in it to be efficient in your work, but there’s more to it than that. You must invest in all aspects of your life to be properly productive. Go to the gym, watch what you eat, and get enough sleep so you’ll feel energized and motivated every day—being productive means living a balanced life, taking regular breaks from work, staying healthy, and always be happy. Nothing beats the positive attitude that comes from living life in harmony.

Don’t repeat the same mistake.

We all have this thing where we tend to do the same thing even if we already know the outcome. The reason why we do it is that we’re used to it. These 14 proven tips above will definitely get this 15th list to get fixed. By changing the way you resolve your work issues and troubles, you’ll be able to look for better ways to get a resolution.

We did our best to put together this list to help you become a more productive and successful version of yourself. Share it with your friends and family and perhaps, inspire them to make some positive changes in their lives as well.

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