Five Work from Home jobs you Can Do Without a Bachelor’s Degree

Most people struggle from getting hired when they don’t have a bachelor’s degree but you wouldn’t know until you get there that’s why we’ve listed 5 work from home jobs you can do without a bachelor’s degree to start your career.
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Most people struggle from getting hired when they don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Questions like “can I do it?” or “will I be able to get through this?” come to their mind, and most often, they walk away. To overcome these issues, one just needs to do it. You wouldn’t know until you get there, that’s why we’ve listed five work from home jobs you can do without a bachelor’s degree to start your career.

Business Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist work doesn’t necessarily pay tremendous but not all of them. Data from Ziprecruiter states that the average hourly pay for a Transcriptionist in the United States is $15 an hour. But they do frequently have a high degree of flexibility, which is vital to many people who prefer to work from home. If this job appeals to you, prepare to take a transcription test that will reflect 99% accuracy and excellent grammar skills. There are several types of Business Transcription job. We have the audio/video transcriptionists. We have transcriptionists in the medical field and some in the legal firm.

Project Manager

A Project Manager role is a role typically would require at least a bachelor’s degree. But with the right on-the-job training, candidates can let their track record of success speak for itself. Project management skills are valuable; businesses that require them, most of the time, pay over $70,000 per year.

Customer Service or Tech Support

When people think about working from home, frequently, they feel about being a customer service or technical support. Being one is challenging, and sometimes, if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you pass because of the account that you’ll be handling. To be honest, a degree isn’t a requirement, but these jobs aren’t for the phone-phobic or those who can’t handle talking to dozens of people per day. If you a somewhat talkative and can build rapport, try applying for a CSR or TSR posts.

Web Developer & Web Management

Being a web developer is all about skills. What you know is more important than how you learned it. In fact, it is what really matters. This position doesn’t need a degree as most of the time, as you will analyze and resolve issues relying mostly on what you know. Internet is not static, and it changes every day. Nothing is permanent in terms of website optimization or search engine optimization. Algorithms evolve every day. If you already know how to build a website using WordPress or any commonly used platforms, you may start looking for a Web Development posts now.

Digital Marketing Manager

You have been using Facebook or Instagram and other social platforms. It may also be the reason why you’re reading this article now. Business owners sometimes don’t have time scaling their social accounts up; that’s why they look for someone to do it for them. I am pretty sure that you know the ins and outs of these major social platforms. You post images, videos and catchy contents every day. Have you ever thought about doing these tasks for someone else while you enjoy responding to comments and getting paid? If you love social media, businesses would like you in their team. Being a Digital Marketing Manager is not as easy as posting images and videos, though, it also requires you to think of the best targets audience, so your posts are seen by your targetted customers. If you’re stuck at home doing nothing, I dare you to go on Facebook and search for “Digital Marketing” groups. I am 100% you’ll get a notification in the next 30 minutes about someone looking for a Digital Marketer.

If you think we missed something, tell us in the comments section below. We love to hear it from you.

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