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13,500.00 8,500.00

Players spend a lot of time playing, ranging from 3 hours a day to more than 6 hours between regular players or online game professionals. The number of hours of play increases. There is a problem in some people sitting comfortably for long hours, especially on conventional chairs. Drakon Series is here to the rescue!

13,500.00 8,500.00
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Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709

Shipping from: PHILIPPINES

Players spend a lot of time playing, ranging from 3 hours a day to more than 6 hours between regular players or online game professionals. The number of hours of play increases. There is a problem in some people sitting comfortably for long hours, especially on conventional chairs. Drakon Series is here to the rescue!

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Players spend a lot of time playing, ranging from 3 hours a day to more than 6 hours between regular players or online game professionals. The number of hours of play increases. There is a problem in some people sitting comfortably for long hours, especially on conventional chairs. Long periods of playing or buying chairs and wasting time and money in an experience will be comfortable over the long term and talk here about professional players, especially PC players, in this review we tried one of the chairs of the games and compared to a desk chair and another chair of Lazyboy and chairs or air Bean bags and an experience that took us long periods of sitting on each of them in nearly twenty days but let us first recognize the chair of the games from the company Raidmax of the class Drakon named DK709.

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d1

Raidmax is one of the leading American companies in the field of accessories for players from PC boxes, high-power power supplies, CPU coolers and finally the two types of dual-core, DK 706 and DK709, which are the subject of our review today and to find out more of the company’s products.

In the beginning, we will open the box and see its contents quickly and know it by myself in one minute…

After the opening of the box, which weighs 27 kg, we will find a number of pieces that will need to be installed to make the chair are equipped to sit and available from the chair of several colors we chose red because it is the most common among the players, the first piece is the back (backrest), which is the most important parts Which have a sturdy metal structure to provide important curves that help to rest for long periods and prevent laziness with the use

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d2

It is also padded with high density compressed foam which does not change its shape and absorbs the high pressure resulting from the continuous sitting which relaxes the back vertebrae and reduces the incidence of the mother of the month with sitting for long periods and it is characterized by length, there is no problem to cover lengths up to 190 cm and above the Drakon logo.

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d3

For raw materials, the chair comes covered with artificial skin that can not be peeled or cut easily, which gives a great life for the chair and keep the appearance is not affected by water and easy to clean

A sturdy, non-retractable metal chassis or body changing padded with compressed foam to give greater comfort to anybody you want

For the movement part of the chair, it is entirely made of a strong, non-bendable steel bearing. It ensures several heights in a more secure gas unit than other units. It weighs between 120 kg to 130 kg. Even with the chair opening to 180 degrees, there is also a footstool that can be supplied or dispensed with. As needed

There are also two small head and other head pads that can be easily controlled and fixed.

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d4

Hand-held arms that cannot be exfoliated or cut and add comfort to the arms for long periods.

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d5

The chair does not need a professional for a structure that needs only some focus when installing the back only because if it is installed without balancing, the chair becomes tilted to one side to the right or left. After knowing the pieces inside the box, we have photographed the installation stages of the chair parts to make it ready for seating. Installation in two minutes in the video below (the actual installation time is 15 minutes and available in the box all the tools needed for installation and do not need external tools)

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d6

The initial pillow can be mounted from the top and is designed to rest the head is not stiff

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d7

The second pad has the name of the company and is for the back and stiff and can be controlled by height as needed.

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d8

There are openings between the plants to give more space for the air to sit on the chair

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d9

The chair ensures good heights of height up to 190 cm can be controlled at a certain level or make it open to drop and get off

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d10

There is also a plant to control the angle of the chair from 90 degrees to 180 degrees and from our experience, we find that 100-degrees is the best option

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d11

There is also a handle to push the chair down so it does not move forward and backward

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d12

5 wheels for movement in all directions with a colored leg can be fixed on the foot is non-slip

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d13

There are plenty of comfortable chairs but what is the difference in the gaming chair is it just being comfortable?
Rest is important, of course, but here the idea is not in the comfort of a few times, but it extends beyond 4 hours a day of play, most of the regular chairs exist without a full backrest, which may cause problems to hold a deep soul for the head need to go back very comfortably and this is not available in ordinary chairs Comfortably with the long time, which makes you need to get up a lot to start playing again also in the case of intense concentration in the Games can move the chair forward with you a little rest here goal and chair games is the means to achieve all the ways

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d14

After reviewing the Drakon DK709, a question will be asked to the reader about what are the game chairs?
Simply chairs are designed to sit for long periods, especially for PC players and online professionals because it provides great comfort to the body to make it able to complete a large number of continuous play, making the factory with a dedicated structure has the ability to help provide comfort Unlike the usual office chairs that rely on comfort In the office work only and there is no interest for many hours that will spend it or not and most of them designed for work and not for long periods of time and this makes the chairs of the games more expensive than ordinary chairs not only because they use materials that bear the hard use but because they need Certain manufacture is manufactured at high-cost factories at some time.

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d15

Are gaming chairs worth buying?
The questions about this thing were repeated a lot before the availability of the Raidmax gaming chair. We needed an experiment to give our readers useful information about the actual experience. To answer this question, we conducted different experiments on several chairs. We will classify the users into categories. Or a personal computer with a controller and the other category is the category of PC players rely on the keyboard and mouse to play.

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-d16

A category of players for home entertainment or personal computer with a controller
From 1 to 2 hours a day, regular chairs will be suitable as they do not spend much time playing

From 3 hours to 4 hours a day, Bean Bags will be suitable for those who do not have back problems because they are very pneumatic and unstable and are easily navigable but their height is not suitable for some and their prices start from $ 50

To watch movies and play long hours more than 4 hours a day Recliner chair will be very suitable for comfortable comfort to sit in bed, but some expensive and ranging from 250 dollars to more weight-heavy and difficult to move each other

The category of PC players is dependent on the keyboard and mouse to play
From 1 to 2 hours, regular chairs will meet the needs

From 3 hours to 4 hours, it is possible to go to regular chairs more comfortable and expensive especially for regular players and not online addicts

For more than 4 hours of online hours, of course, you prefer to go to the gaming chairs for great convenience for professionals and players, which are available between 200 dollars and more and can be easily transferred

Computer players will find the problem with the Bean Bag as it rises from an office, making it a difficult choice for mouse and keyboard users.

Raidmax Drakon Chair DK709-1The Conclusion :
The game chair Raidmax Drakon DK709 has provided us with great experience over 150 hours of experience, in addition to the time of writing and processing the review course and will definitely continue with us for a long time. The chair gives a great shape to our review room instead of the comfort it provides for long hours you will only need a few minutes later Because even in an air-conditioned room will be hot some of the settings on it for long periods and finally the chair is available at the price of 350 dollars.

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