Clique8 Administration

When administration is part of the back bone of your business.

Clique8 Administration

When administration is part of
the back bone of your business.

Virtual Assistant 1
Make tasks faster

Virtual Assistant

Get your virtual assistant to support your business by completing the non-essential tasks. This will allow you to focus your time on the crucial areas to help grow your business successfully.
Your virtual assistant can offer a variety of benefits to your company’s growth. Ensure clear communication and expectations, and your working relationship with your virtual assistant can be a successful one.

With their flexibility and ability to adapt, they can improve something in your virtual process.

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Data Entry

When you outsource your data entry tasks, you reduce the expense of infrastructure needed, lessen the number of workers and their efforts. You can then use the money you save for more important business tasks.

A data entry staff is well-trained and highly experienced in completing the required tasks without compromising the quality.

Data Entry 2
Product Researcher 1
Get new products

Product Researcher

Product researchers provide information on the specific and essential characteristics of a service or a product. They help companies understand the customers’ needs in a much better way so that the required product can be tailored appropriately.

A product researcher can also help in filtering new ideas for the products. It is of immense help in screening and testing new ideas and reducing costs by avoiding investments in discarded ideas.

Manage all projects

Project Manager

With a Project Manager, you’ll have one source for communication, one source for status, and one focused coordinator for all project work.

Project Managers communicate, organize, align teams, and document all of the steps along the way. They ensure that initiating a project is done well – that there’s a well-documented business objective for completing the project. And that the specific scope of work is well-defined.

Project Manager 2
System Admin 2
The main guy in the team

System Admin

A system administrator is responsible for carrying out tasks such as ensuring the company’s computer security, updating the operating system and software, and installing all kinds of things from peripherals to new software, backup copies. This person might also answer queries from clients, among many other things.

System Administrator is the person in charge of checking servers’ proper functioning, systems, networks, the Internet, or email. This person also solves problems that may stop or hinder its use for the company and the employees.

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